Reputation. Integrity. Results

Muhendaran Sri is a boutique law firm in Kuala Lumpur entrenched in the arts and research community that makes up the Zhongshan Building. We specialise in industrial relations law & employment law with a side order of litigation, property law, family law, child law and a splash of art. Established in December 1999, our practice is founded on our reputation, integrity and commitment to results.


We started our practice as idealists. We believed that the practice of the law should not be a business or a commercial concern. We believed that every person has a right to legal representation – no matter how small or underprivileged. We firmly held on to the principle that we are professionals first, and last. Today, we count ourselves as blessed for being able to survive the past 20 years running our legal firm, with our ideals and our believes intact. 

We understand that for our clients, we stand as the gateway of access that enables them to seek justice. We take this role very seriously. The law is a jealous mistress – there is no end to being a lawyer and no closing of the file and stopping work at the end of a day for us. 

In the past 20 years of us carrying on the practice of Muhendaran Sri, we have represented corporations and individuals, ministers and non-governmental organisations, trade unions and capitalists, children and senior citizens, Tan Sris and migrants – and we have done our utmost to ensure that the service and the advice that we render to all our clients is equal and unbiased and of the highest order.  

Sustainability has always been a priority with us, and we have striven in our own small way to further the rights of employees, children and the marginalized. We practice non-discrimination and always have. We stake our faith in the Federal Constitution and believe that lawyers have a special role in ensuring that the fundamental human rights of every person in this country should be protected. We do our best to ensure that this role is protected by being active members of the Malaysian Bar, and active citizens of the world.